2020 Democratic Primary: Georgia 7

Georgia’s 7th covers much of the northeast Atlanta exurbs and is rated an R +9 by Cook.
  • Bourdeaux- 1.7mill raised total, 645k COH
  • Karinshak — 782k raised total, 350k COH
  • Islam — 619k raised total, 52k COH
  • Lopez Romero- 164k raised total, 27k COH
  • Eaves: 145k raised total, 54k COH
  • Consolidated progressive lane
  • Last minute help probably gave her a jolt of fundraising
  • Raised a considerable amount on her own
  • Roots in the community
  • Knows how to run an effective race
  • Average age
  • Sparse suburban district
  • 2 formidable fundraisers
  • 2 elected officials
  • Not much COH
  • No union support
  • No major university in district



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I analyze and project congressional and senate races with progressives in them.