2020 Democratic Primary: Indiana 1

The 1st is home to Gary, parts of the Chicago suburbs to the northwest, and Michigan City. It is rated a D+8 by Cook.
  • McDermott- 587k raised, 71k COH
  • Haake: 283k, 215k COH
  • Reardon: 256k, 52k COH
  • Mrvan: 232k, 55k COH
  • Harper 213k, 16k COH
  • Borom: 60k, 17k COH
  • Open seat
  • Very divided field
  • No one person has a ton of money
  • Only one other serious candidate competing for progressive lane
  • Consolidated most progressive endorsements
  • Significant density in parts of the district
  • Some local support/endorsements
  • Decent fundraising
  • Limited COH to compete in the home stretch
  • No major endorsements from national figures
  • Never run before
  • No union endorsements or local democratic committees
  • Older district
  • Only sparse suburban
  • No major university



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I analyze and project congressional and senate races with progressives in them.